My Main Amateur Radio Station

G0VQY ham shack photos

1. ICOM 7800 (HF/50)
2. Yaesu G-2800 DXC antenna rotator controller box
3. SP 20 ICOM speaker
4. Rat Pak controller
5. Yaesu 2900 2 meter FM radio
6. SPE Expert 1K HF amplifier
7. Alinco DM 330 MW power supply
8. President Lincoln II CB/10/12 all mode transceiver
9. ICOM 7400 (HF/50/144)
10. AR 8600 communications receiver

Controlling My Radio Using My PC

I use a CT-17 ICOM interface in order to connect my ICOM radios to my computer. This interface is very helpful if you have more than one ICOM radio or device that you want to connect to the computer. The interface connects to the computer and each radio simply plugs into the interface via an audio type cable. This interface enables me to use HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) to control my ICOM 7800 via computer. This is particularly useful for me because I don't have anything the movement so turning small knobs is almost impossible. However, I can simply use my trackball mouse to operate all these little knobs and buttons now. And the great thing about using Ham Radio Deluxe to operate the radio is as soon as you switch the radio off all settings on the radio revert back to how you originally set them up.

Why I Use Three Monitors

I absolutely love the way that I can incorporate my hobby of computing with my hobby of amateur radio. In the photo above you will see three monitors. The left-hand monitor is connected to my ICOM 7800 and just gives me a larger display of what you see on the front of the radio. The large monitor in the middle and the right-hand are both connected to my computer and enable me to have the Ham Radio Deluxe window open permanently but also have my logbook open at the same time.


My HF & VHF Antennas

Ham radio antennas

1.President. Himalaya (10/11/12)
2. OB 11-5 Optibeam (20/17/15/12/10) @ 60 feet on HD radio structures tower
3. Sirio vertical (6)
4. Diamond V2000 (2/6/70cm)

Ham radio antennas