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Posted by on in Amateur Radio Talk

Amateur radio is supposed to be a hobby that brings people from all around the world together in harmony, it's a hobby that should allow people who don't speak the same language to unite and become friends with out the need to speak the same language. I got into radio to make friends around the world, I certainly didn't join this hobby to get into arguments with my fellow amateur radio operators.

I need only mention the frequency 14.195 MHz how many of you well know exactly what goes on there on a daily basis. If you haven't had the pleasure (said with tongue in cheek) of tuning into this frequency then have a listen to the couple of videos that I have included with this post. I'm not entirely sure what the ins and outs are of how this ongoing argument started, however I believe it was because a well-known Italian amateur radio operator IT9RYH who everybody knows as Nino sits on 14.195 MHz and has basically claimed it as his own frequency. 14.195 MHz is unofficially a designated DX calling frequency so radio amateurs around the world recognise this and don't sit on the frequency rag chewing. Since this is just one frequency and there is plenty of other space on the spectrum I can't see why anyone would want to deliberately go out of their way to annoy other amateur radio operators, which is obviously what has been going on for the last few years. I'm quite sure that  IT9RYH is a nice chap at the end of the day, but for crying out loud why continue this ridiculous and childish behaviour? Nobody has the power to force him off the frequency, but why on earth he would want to single-handedly turn the whole amateur radio fraternity against himself is anyone's guess.

Now we've mentioned Nino and his antics, we must also address the behaviour of the so-called amateur radio police who think it is perfectly okay to shout abuse, attempt to jam the frequency, play music and recordings of other amateur radio operators. They are not helping in any way whatsoever, in fact they are worse than Nino, playing music, shouting abuse is a lot worse than one person using a frequency that is at the end of the day is there for anyone to use, whether it is an unofficial DX freq or not.


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I must have been living under a rock for the last few years because I only just found out about the goings-on on 14.195. I tuned into the frequency this afternoon and quite frankly was gobsmacked by the immaturity of some amateur radio operators out there. I don't know why so-called amateur radio operators have to behave the way they do. I have no idea who this Nino (IT9RYH) character is, I have never spoken to him before. However, he may well upset people by monopolising one particular frequency and insisting that it belongs to him and nobody else, but that doesn't excuse the antics and behaviour of all the other amateurs who seem to have taken a dislike to this character. I couldn't care less whether he monopolises 14.195, there are plenty of other frequencies to use, I would suggest that people grow up and get a life and stop goading him because this is a really nasty side to amateur radio that is just giving it a bad name. From what I heard today, IT9RYH was not doing or saying anything that I would class as offensive or illegal. As far as I'm concerned anyone who plays music, tries to jam the frequency, shouts obscenities should have their licence revoked.

I have posted a video to YouTube the can see what was going on today, and actually got worse after I stopped recording. But I guess many of you already know about what goes on on that frequency


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  • Ronald
    Ronald says #
    You can always use the one button all rigs have: "OFF"
  • Ronald
    Ronald says #
    I have found 2 easy ways to get around this problem. One is to change frequency myself as we have so much space anyway. The other